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Saturday, October 10, 2020

What a Difference.......

A day makes.  My Thursday/Friday routine this week was definitely a picture of life's contrasts.  Thursday was a great day while Friday was not so great.  Here's a quick summary:

Thursday - 08:30 a.m - I left Piney Point to pick up excess deck supplies from a job site to return to 84 Lumber for Brady.  Doing so netted him a $960 credit.

Friday - I left my house at 7 a.m to head up to Prince Frederick for a Mohs surgery appointment.

Thursday - 10:00 a.m. - Following 84 Lumber and  some other stops in Lexington Park, I met up with John Carbone in Scotland Beach and spent the next couple hours touring and enjoying his Gator Trails along the Bay and in the woods.  I took these pics including some of the old cemetery on the property along with John's dozen deer stands scattered about.  Wonderful time, very relaxing and I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you John.

One Trail Runs Along Bay; That's Sharon and Brian Barnhill Estate at Northern End of John's Property

Old Richardson Cemetery With Tombstones Dating Back to 1814 

John's Brother Vic's Deer Stand - Vic's Ashes Are Buried Beneath the Antlers On the Base of the Tree

View Across Long Neck Creek From John's Property - Buzzy's Homeplace With House My Sister Donna and Husband Jerry Taylor Had Built by Puggie Pulliam

Back to Friday - 8:00 a.m. I arrived at Anne Arundel Dermatology office in Prince Frederick to have a cancerous spot removed from my nose.   It took 4 very long hours to complete the procedure and was an awful time.  No photos here of me being cut up as I wouldn't want to gross you out by doing so (not just yet anyway.)  Here then is a shot of the office building where Anne Arundel Dermatology is located (one block behind Nick's of Prince Frederick.) 

Thursday - 1 p.m. thru the afternoon at Buzzy's Country Store we had a very nice 94th birthday  celebration for Charlie Simms.  Excellent, excellent fun time.  Lots of food and thank you to everyone who brought something.   Charlie had a good time and all in all it was a great afternoon.  Thank you to everyone for dropping by and wishing Charlie a Happy Birthday.  Couple photos here were taken by Kim Wiley.

Charlie Bending Lisa's Ear With Clutch Listening In

On the other hand, my Friday-afternoon-1 p.m.-on-time was nowhere near as much fun.  Following my surgery and Pam driving me home, I was back in Piney Point where I spent the afternoon resting but hurting in bed with an ice pack on my nose.  Here then is the gross out photo I promised you and yes, I felt even worse than I look.

Move Over Freddy Krueger Your Replacement is Here
Such is the yin and yang of life I guess.  One day it's good and the next day it's not so good.  But like the old timers say - any day that you survive is a good one.  Even though my Friday was nowhere near as enjoyable as was my Thursday, I survived it and hey, it's only rock n roll right?

Speaking of music, I had thought to play the Dinah Washington's What a Difference a Day Makes song for you. Yet that tune is more about how romance can make a difference in your day(s) and believe me there was nothing romantic about my surgery.  (OK, there was this attractive nurse's assistant who had a sexy little vibe about her.  However, in my sliced and diced up discombobulated condition, I was in no mood to entertain any kind of romantic thoughts about her much less try and flirt with her.  Maybe next time at a followup visit, but not this past Friday.  Chalk it off to another liability of getting old and infirm - when you're hurtin' you don't feel like  flirtin'.)  

Music-wise then, check out this U2 tune that is a little more apropos of what I'm trying to say here about my past 2 days: some days really are better than others.  


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