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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - George and Buzzy


I took this photo of Buzzy and George Aud running into each other at the Bean Building in July 2007.   (I discussed this meeting in a previous 2010 blog post (click here.))  Little did I suspect when I took this photo in 2007 that 2 years later both of them would be gone.  Buzzy died in June 2009 and George passed a month later July 2009. 

In addition to passing one month apart, Buzzy was born 10/11/24 and George in February 1924.

In 1962 Buzzy and George ran against each other in the Democrats' Primary for County Commissioner.  Buzzy defeated George and went on to be elected Commissioner in the General Election as part of the Raley Ticket (click here.)  Fours later George would come back to defeat Buzzy in the Primary and go on to win in the General Election.

In their encounter that day at the Bean Building, George referred to their political paths crossing back in the day when he said to Buzzy "Remember Buzzy when we were politicking and running against each other?  Those were  some good times.  Now here we are both of us running to and from these damn doctors and once they get their hooks in you they don't let go.  It's no fun at all." 

Later, as we made our way down the road back to the Store, Buzzy commented "That was good seeing George.  He made me smile."  Sadly that was the last time that they would see and talk to each other. 

A little Willie seems in order:

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