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Friday, October 9, 2020

Sex Sells - Even Onions


Yeah, it caught my eye too so that's why I'm passing it along for your entertainment.  To read the entire story (click here.)

The creators of the ad, the Gaze Seed Company have had some fun with the story on their FB page (click here) when they published the following:   

Ironically, by censoring the Gaze Seed Company's ad like they did, the Facebook folks have ultimately provided them with a whole lot of free publicity.  The story has appeared in several publications and been on T-V around the world (click here for a listing of media sources that have published the story.  I'm debating suggesting to them that my Buzzyblog reference here should be added to their summary of just where the story has appeared.  Be pretty cool don't you think to see www.buzzyscountrystore.com listed right there below BBC's entry?!)

Too, it has got me thinking that I may need to sexualize something I sell in the Store that Facebook would censor and thereby afford Buzzy's a bunch of free publicity.  Little tough however, making those 10 ounce Buds sexy.  Maybe if I draped a condom over them........ naw, too hard!  (Sorry.)

Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell had an Onion Song (click here) but I'm going with John's Glass Onion.  You know his and the Beatles' version of it, but check out this version.  Note too that the end lyric "Fixing a hole in the ocean, Trying to make a dovetail joint" John originally wrote as "Looking through a hole in the ocean for a yellow submarine."  His original lyric sorta makes more sense because throughout the rest of the song he is interjecting several references to previous Beatles' tunes none of which ever referred to a dovetail joint  (click here.)  (And while I think I know what a dovetail joint is, I'm still not sure that it's the kind of "joint" that John was talking about.)

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