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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Representing Buzzy's

Great photo here from Ty Tydings.  (Too bad he included that pencil-looking thing in the back ground and took all the attention away from Becky sporting her Buzzy hat!)

Reminded me of some other "representing" photos folks have sent me:

Kim at Kenny Chesney Concert in 2011:

Then Kim's niece Kristen represented Buzzy's in 2015 with this photo:

In 2017, my friend Robert and his pals took Buzzy's to a Nationals' game.  Here's my post on it:
But my all time classic "Representing" photo was taken by Buzzy himself when he visited Guatemala in 1990.  I did a blogpost on it wondering if this old truck is still bopping around down there with that Buzzy sticker on its tailgate (click here.)

Whenever I'm feeling down, music and/or a good movie will always pull me up.  This video does a good job combining those two mood shifters:

Sean Penn's breakout role as Jeff Spicoli is still the all time best stoner dude ever.  Who can argue with logic like this from him?

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Kristen Baldwin said...

Buzzy’s is the best! Can’t wait to come back one day! Much love from NC!