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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Happy Belated Michaelmas and Yom Kippur


Initially, I had this cued up for last Tuesday as a "twofer" item that actually fell on 29 September, St. Michael's feast day.  However, I decided to save it for my Sunday Buzzy religion spiel.  (In case you haven't noticed, on Sundays I try to check that old time religion box in my own Ridge boy way by doing something semi-spiritual here on the Buzzyblog.  And yes, that is about the extent of my holiness as I muddle my way thru life's gigantic corn maze.  Aside #2 - Bowles' Farm Corn Maze is now open for you to wander thru on the weekends.)    

Back to St. Mike, in Christian circles, the 29th of September officially marks the feast day of him and a couple of the other archangels (above - literally!)  However, those of us who went to a certain grammar school in Ridge know full well that it is all about Michael, the most badass archangel/ghostbuster of them all because he was the dude who sent Satan straight to hell (click here.)  

Like many of the Christian feast days though, Michelmas had its origins in a Celtic pagan feast day marking the end of one harvest season and the commencement of the next one (click here.)  Smart business men that they were, the original Christians knew better than to try and do away with the established pagan celebrations and instead coopted them by coming up with their own reason(s) for a celebration on that particular day.  For instance, and I hate to burst your bubble here, but another mas, Christmas, that you know as the birthday of Christ, also started out as a pagan gig (click here.)

Pre-Christianity however, around this time of year the Celts would not only celebrate the end and beginning of their harvest seasons but also would settle up any accounts or debts that they owed.  That "day of reckoning" also plays a role for our St. Michael.  In addition to casting out bad boy Lucifer, Mike is also often depicted as the weigher of souls on Judgement day:


This "Book of Life" idea originated in the Jewish faith as they c
elebrated their High Holy Days during this time of year.  Jews begin their new year on Rosh Hashanah by petitioning God for forgiveness of their sins.  Then 12 days later, on Yom Kippur,  their Day of Atonement, they seal the deal with God.  Their book of life keeps track of their progress or lack thereof.  This year Yom Kippur was celebrated on 27 September thru 28 September.

I only know one Yom Kippur joke but it sorta ties into all this God keeping track of our good and bad deeds.  Here it is:

A rabbi was not happy with his congregation so he decided to skip Yom Kippur services altogether and go play golf instead.  Moses was looking down from heaven and when he saw the rabbi on the golf course, he reported it to God and suggested that God punish the rabbi very severely. 

As Moses watched however, the rabbi played the best game he had ever played.  The rabbi nailed a hole-in-one on the toughest holes on the course and then did it again on the very next hole.

Moses turned to God as they watched and said "I thought you were going to punish him.  You call this punishment?"

God replied "Who can he tell?"     

Video-wise do you recall Travolta playing an Archangel named - what else - Michael?

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