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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Good Moon, Bad Moon?

At this point in my life I don't really need nor require any affirmation from others to make me feel good about what I think or what I believe.  To quote Mick "I'm no schoolboy, but I know what I like." 

That said however, it is always a nice thing to find some validation or seconding of your opinion or take on something.  This happened just yesterday when I saw the following letter in the Free For All section of the Washington Post:

Mr. Duggan's letter made me smile too because I had seen that photo, liked it and copied it onto my clipboard to perhaps use in a future blogpost.  Here is how the full photo appeared in the 4 October issue of the Post:
Unlike Mr. Duggan however, I did not think about the photo as a footnote to the previous 31 pages of bad news,  (I suspect that's because he was reading a paper copy while I was doing a digital read.)  In fact, instead of smiling because the photo represented some sort of relief or pause to all the bad news preceding it, the photo conveyed to me a sinister, more ominous vibe completely at one with the previous bad news.  Something about the two lights looking like eyes peering out of a dark hood made the photo appear a little more spooky and unsettling to me.  

Regardless, it was a great photo.  I saw a quote somewhere that noted that a great photo is one that causes you to stop and look, invites you in and makes you want to stay awhile.   This one certainly did that not only for me but also for the above letter writer to the Post.  

Bottom line too, it ultimately leads me to remembering Doug Courtney again (click here) and the Creedence song that always makes me think of him:    

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