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Monday, October 19, 2020

Football Then and Now

I found these photos earlier in the week and thought to do something with them to comment on the current football season.  Back in the day Brady, Shea and I would have a Ridgell Football Party where we'd steam up some crabs, scald some oysters, move a T-V outside and watch some football.  Here are some photos of our 9 October 2005 Ridgell Football party.  It was also a semi-surprise birthday party for Buzzy whose birthday would fall 2 days later on the 11th. 

Shawn, Shea and Brady

Buzzy About as Surprised as He Could Get
Katie, JC, Buzzy, Stephen at Table, Sherry in Background

Mom and Sherry

Bobby and Shea above; Shawn and Brady below

Steve and Debbie Kapinos - John Wiegman, Shea and Bryan Swann

My sister Lila and my Godson JC in foreground here with my late neighbor Jim Krumpke in background.  Also, my brother in law Danny and Buzzy in back.

Jeannie, Lila, Amy and Lori
The irony of me finding these photos and readying them for the blog here is that the Ravens lost that 2005 game to the Lions in a penalty-filled contest and then almost duplicated that feat in yesterday's game against the Eagles.


That was a recap from 2005 and here's a look at yesterday's game:


At least in 2020 the Ravens won.  Thank God we didn't have another party yesterday because they might have lost that one too had we done so.

Musically here's a tune that I have never sung to Pam.  How dumb do you think I am?  Ok, don't answer that. 

For lyrics (click here.)

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