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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Buck Distributing

Recently I received notification from my Buck Distributing sales rep Jamie Nelson that a new ordering process was being put in place for Buzzy's Country Store to order and receive beer from them.  He informed me that Buck Distributing had been sold and that several changes were being put in place including how orders would be processed.  

I knew that Buck Distributing had been around awhile so I did a little research to see what was up with the change.   I found this history on their website:  


The Hammond Beverage Group purchased Buck Distributing earlier this year (click here.) 

The HM2 Buck for Hope Foundation was founded by Betty in memory of her son to raise awareness about veterans' suicide.  She discussed it as follows on her Linkedin page:

As the article above says, we wish Betty well in all her post beer distributing efforts.  (I also found this good 2016 article on Betty that tells you more about her and her career (click here.))

Music-wise this song has been on my mind  a lot these past couple days mostly because I've heard so many references to the drug while at my Mom's bedside.  Marianne Faithfull wrote the lyrics; Mick and the boys did the rest.  This version is a live version from their No Security cd.

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