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Monday, October 26, 2020

All Things Sports

The three couples strolled into Buzzy's Country Store Sunday afternoon shortly after the football game had started.  They had just finished having brunch at Pier 450, and decided to drop into Buzzy's for a drink.  They all got something and pulled up a chair to watch the Washington Football team dismantle the Cowboys.  It was a pleasant afternoon unless of course you were a Cowboys' fan.

Sometime during the course of the afternoon, my cousin JW Raley also rolled into the store and we talked about what a great game 4 of the World Series was Saturday night,  (If you missed it, here is a recap (click here and go to the 5:30 mark for the exciting finish.))

Those two moments in Buzzy's reminded me how sports makes life a little better and lot more fun particularly when life is bringing you down some.   Like a good friend who is always around at the very moment you need some support, sports too helps take your mind off of more serious things.

Did you know why it's called the World Series?


(For more than you ever wanted to know about the origins of the World Series (click here.))

And speaking of forgetting about your troubles, here is a feel good song for you from Luke:

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