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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Peacock's Feather

When Buzzy and I toured Ireland we spent a couple days in Dublin where I talked him into taking a Literary Pub tour.   As we discussed doing it, I remember him saying something along the lines "Well, I'm not too interested in the literary side of the tour but at least I'll enjoy going to the different pubs and seeing where the old boys drank."   

It was on that tour, in one of those pubs that I first heard mention of Irish poet Seamus Heaney.  (I blogged about him the other day and was not very complimentary in my take on one of his poems, so I figured I'd better do a followup here on him and try to make amends.)    

Here then is another poem by Seamus titled A Peacock's Feather that he wrote for his niece Daisy at her christening party. There is an interesting backstory as to how he came to write it (click here to read that explanation.)  

I've also included the poem here for you from the linked article.  However, the video below featuring Daisy's mother does a nice job explaining how and why he wrote it.  Enjoy.

Daisy's mother discussing the poem's origins.

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