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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Cheating Songs and a Country Store

Referencing Hank the other day got me thinking about cheating songs with his Your Cheating Heart being the most famous of them all.  Here then are a couple other, not-so-famous ones that I stumbled upon in my You tube travels.  

Note that I guess Randy's tune is not really an authentic "cheating" song because he doesn't really pull the trigger so to speak.  But he was thinking about it!   
Note too that I had an ulterior motive in showing you this video/tune because it is from Randy's first album Storms of Life which featured a country store on the cover as shown above.  I was not able to find out anything about the store other than this sad note of Randy re-visiting it to find that it had collapsed following a storm (click here and read comments.)  Think that maybe Randy jinxed the old store by putting it on an album he had titled Storms of Life?
Stevie on the other hand sounds like she has travelled down that cheating road with her classic lines "Yesterday I was fascinated by somebody else" and "You prefer to be just a little in and out of love with me."   No country stores to be found in her videos however.

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