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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Religion - The Jefferson Bible

Pam and I drove over to Fredericksburg the other day to visit my cousin Joe White in what was my first visit out of the State since last year.  It was nice day and we had a very nice visit with Joe.


Somewhere along the way, Pam commented on how a certain section of Rt. 3 reminded her of the road leading into Charlottesville.  I didn't respond because I have only been to Charlottesville once and when it comes to how highways appear, I'm a little bit of a "road racist" in that they all look alike to me.  

Shortly after Pam's comment however, I heard radio host Thom Hartmann make mention of Thomas Jefferson and his Bible.  In my hop-skip mind then I saw a connection between Pam commenting on Charlottesville and Hartmann discussing the Jefferson Bible where Jefferson omitted any references to Jesus' divinity and His miracles. 

I won't go into any of the details about how and why Jefferson came up with his own version of the Bible but you can learn all about that by clicking here.   Consider it your Sunday morning old time religion assignment.

How about I conclude my country music foray with some George?  I'm laying some pretty good odds that his family Bible was NOT redacted.

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