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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Maryland Restaurant Week ’

 St. Mary's County Department of Economic Development announced the following:


To save you some clicking and searching, here are our County restaurants participating in this promotion:

The Economic Development folks also mentioned the County's restaurant BOOST program which I have previously passed along to you (click here.)

[Short little semi-rant here for you has to do with what I hilited in the above email:
we’re is supposed to read "we're."  This happens when the email sender uses an apostrophe and for some reason when received, the email HTML text garbles it as it did above.  Additionally, other weird symbols will often pop into the text for no apparent reason.  

My complaint is - fix it!  I'm not talking about those who write and send the emails that contain these screw ups.  My beef is with the programmers and techies responsible for the HTML coding that causes the problem in the first place.   It's annoying.  

For example, the weekly updates that I receive from the American Beverage Licensees are sometimes so farkeled up that it is a challenge to read them.  Sample from a recent entry follows:
Following my little aside, here then is a relaxing tune from Boney James. No typos will be found in this!

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