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Friday, September 4, 2020

Labor Day Weekend - Relax

Of the 5 National Holidays celebrated on a designated Monday, Labor Day weekend is my most favorite.  While the other 3 day holiday weekends celebrate someone or something special, I like Labor Day weekend just because it says "Hey, we're taking a day off because we can, we should and we ought to do so."   
Labor Day used to symbolize the unofficial end of summer and the kids going back to school.  While that may not be the case now with hotter weather around longer and the virus mess keeping kids at home, Labor Day is still a relaxed and fun time of the year.  

However, the origins of Labor Day were a little more chaotic.  The official National holiday was a way to placate workers following riots that saw Federal troops kill dozens of protesters (click here.)  Crazy story and a little scary that not only did it happen back then, but also there is a lot of talk today about sending in troops to combat protesters.  This being great again is a good thing right? 

But enough about all that, the big event this weekend in South County is the official opening of Peggy's Pier 450.  For a run down of their hours and events thru the weekend check out their FB page.

As for Buzzy's Country Store, we will be open all weekend including Labor Day Monday.  Stop in either before or after you visit Pier 450.

In looking for Black Flag videos (previous post) I found this funny take on a Punk Band's Reunion at a wedding:

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