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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Dena's Birthday at Buzzy's

When she made it to the counter at Buzzy's Country Store this past Labor Day Monday Dena very proudly told me "Today is my birthday!"  I wished her happy birthday but quickly advised her to keep quiet about it because my Buzzy regulars would not hesitate to tell her about the Buzzy policy of buying a round on your birthday.  She laughed, paid for her drink and headed out to the front porch.

A little later Dena came back into the Store and told me "I want to buy a round for my birthday."  I rang the bell and took the following photo of her.

I told her I would put the photo on the Buzzyblog and asked her what was her last name.  She said "Womack, just like Bobby."  I, of course, got that reference.  (Here is a previous Buzzyblog post I did on Bobby back in 2013 (click here.)) 

Dena later posted a comment on Buzzy's FB page that she had a great time celebrating her birthday at Buzzy's.  Thank you Dena and drop back by anytime you can.

Bobby's Womack's It's All Over Now was his most well known hit and I included it in that 2013 post mentioned above.  However, check out this tune  that he also wrote and recorded.  It is supposedly talking about Bobby's friendship with Sam Cooke and Sam's wife Barbara whom he married just 3 months after Sam's death. 

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