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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mr. George Guy and Chris Combs

Photo by Kim Wiley
Kim, George and Brenda

My mention of Point Lookout Lighthouse yesterday reminded me that I have not passed along these 17 July 20 photo's of Mr. George Guy and his daughter Brenda paying a visit to Buzzy's Country Store.

Here is why that association with the Lighthouse came to my mind.  

During the Lighthouse's renovations, the head foreman of the job Chris Combs and his crew would stop by Buzzy's at the conclusion of their work day for a 6 pack of Bud Light.  When I learned that Chris was a St. Mary's/Ryken grad I would tease him about how young he was given my Class of 69 status.  

Chris and company worked at the Lighthouse for close to 2 years.  They had become such a familiar sight pulling into Buzzy's parking lot everyday that someone, usually Brian, would yell into the Store "Six pack!"  

In turn, I would take them out a 6 pack of beer to save one of them from having to come into the Store to get it.  Whenever one of my Buzzy regulars sitting on the porch would tease me about my curb service for Chris and his crew and ask why I did not do that for them, I would reply "Because these guys have been working hard all day."  (I would  leave the "unlike you" unsaid. )

During these daily beer deliveries, Chris would give me quick status updates on their progress or lack thereof.  Because every additional requirement in their workload had to be approved by some historical committee or group in Annapolis, that added several delays and change orders to their schedule.  Adding to those hassles there was the constant challenge of working at Pt. Lookout year round thru all the weather elements of the heat, the cold, the wind, the rain etc..

Occasionally, I would invite myself down for a tour of their work.  Chris would advise me when things were slow or when they were at certain points in the job where it was good for a visit and give me the green light to come on down.  

I visited there a couple of times for a quick tour of their progress.  I donned a hard hat sometimes when doing so and I kept to that old saying about "never get in the way of a working man" as I would hurry thru my visits there with Chris.  I was always impressed with how great a job they were doing in bringing the Lighthouse back to its former glory.  Not only was the Lighthouse being completely restored but also Chris and his crew were tasked with re-furbishing the 2 outbuildings/pavilions adjacent to the Lighthouse.  It really was quite an undertaking. 

Around the first part of this past July, Chris informed me that they were coming into the home stretch of their work at the Point.  I asked him if I could take one final tour and he invited me to do so on a subsequent Friday afternoon. 

While my step daughter Jennifer watched the Store for me, I moseyed down to the Lighthouse to catch up with Chris and check out the overall renovations of the Lighthouse and the two out buildings.  

We had just finished touring thru the first floor of the Lighthouse and were heading upstairs when Jenn called to tell me that George Guy and his daughter Brenda were in the Store visiting.  I told Chris that what I had seen of his work was great, that I appreciated his time and efforts, but I had to cut short our tour because when Mr. George Guy visits Buzzy's, I got to be there.  I  quickly said my thanks and goodbye to Chris and returned to the Store.  Chris said he understood completely and to tell Mr. Guy that he said hello.

Back at the Store I had a great time visiting with and talking to Mr. Guy and Brenda.  She told me that when she had suggested to her Dad that they go for a ride he agreed and said "Let's go to Buzzy's."    

Mr. Guy discussed several of his interactions with Buzzy thru the years and noted how much he had always liked visiting with him.  He said that he knew that Buzzy owned Anheuser stock and enjoyed hearing Buzzy say "I buy it, I sell it and I own some of it."  

George said that he came in the Store once and saw a sign where Buzzy was announcing an increase in beer prices and had written on the sign something along the lines "Don't blame me, blame Anheuser" for the increase.   George said he asked Buzzy, "Why are you blaming Anheuser when you own stock in them?"  Buzzy replied "Because I don't want the ones coming in  here to buy it thinking I'm the one who raised the prices on them." 

All in all it was a great visit with Mr. Guy and Brenda.  As I walked out with them to their car someone who had just pulled into the Store parking lot asked me who Mr. Guy was.  I told them that he was Mr. George Guy, the head of Guy Distributing and that him visiting Buzzy's was kinda like the Pope paying a visit.  I certainly regarded as such even if it did cut short my tour of the Pt. Lookout Lighthouse with Chris.  

I wish that I had taken a photo or two of Chris and his crew when they made one of their daily, post workday stops at Buzzy's.  However, I did manage to clip the following, very nice photo from Chris' Facebook page:

Chris and daughter Ella - 2018
And since I seemed to have stumbled into a father/daughter sub-theme here, I'll leave you with this tune from John Mayer:

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