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Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Most common comment I've heard in Buzzy's Country Store this past week was something along the lines "Who the hell is naming these hurricanes?  You can't even pronounce it!"

Well, I don't know if that pissed Isaias off or what, but yesterday he sure blew in, blew out and kicked our asses while he was around.  Touching down here in Piney Point and the Ridge areas in the form of a couple of tornado's, Isaias then bounced his way up the road wrecking more havoc throughout the County. 

Here is a still from Bryan Swann's video he filmed of my neighborhood after the storm had passed thru.  You can see the path that the tornado took as it rolled thru.  That's my neighbor's house with the blue tarp on it.

My neighbor up the street Loretta Cook posted these photos she took:
Following Isaias departure, my wife Pam took this photo looking out back:
After our windows were damaged by the flying shingles, I found myself out in the storm trying to put plywood over them.  This is just what I wanted to be doing DURING a hurricane.  (As for my finished product, I am now trying to convince Pam that it looks just fine and we don't need to do anything else.  You can imagine her response to that Ridge boy suggestion.)
A fallen tree at Andover Estates Road blocked all 249 traffic until mid-afternoon when I was finally able to get thru and begin to head down to the Store.  However, with Great Mills flooded and also shut down to traffic, I had to head up Leonardtown way and cut over St. Andrews Church Road only to encounter  another downed tree there blocking traffic.  I then detoured again and eventually made my way to 235 and on down to Ridge where several more tress had fallen just above Buzzy's.    

My thanks to Brian Barnhill for opening and running Buzzy's for me while I was detained.  When he called me earlier in the day about opening up, I never imagined it would take me all afternoon to get down to the Store.  Thank you Brian!

Now that we know Isaias' name, this song came to mind:

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