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Friday, August 28, 2020

Fatherly Advice

One final boating story for you.

Earlier this week, a customer in Buzzy's Country Store asked me if I knew of anyone who had a boat for sale or for rent.  I told him that I didn't know of anyone but suggested that he check in with our local marinas in the area and see if they had any leads for him.  

I then told him about a similar request from someone several years ago.  At the time of that inquiry though, I did know of a local charter boat Captain who was trying to sell his boat.  I gave the fella the Captain's phone number and he called him.  

After he got off the phone and confirmed directions to the marina to meet the Captain and check out the boat for sale, I asked him "How did you know that you'd luck out like that and find a boat for sale by coming into Buzzy's?"  He laughed and said "My Dad always told me that if you want to find out something, just go to a country store and you'll get the scoop."  I laughed and said "Your Dad was a very smart man."    

As alluded to in my previous post's video, the Doobie Brothers/Michael McDonald figured prominently in the whole yacht rock scene development.  Here then is a boating tune from them.  (Note that my favorite Doobies' tune "What a Fool Believes," I'm saving for something Trump-related.)

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