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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Covid Enforcement Team Visit to Buzzy's

Buzzy's was inspected this past Thursday night by a Deputy Sheriff and a Health Department Specialist as part of the County's Covid Enforcement efforts.  

They visited the Store around 9 o'clock just when Terri was about to close.  She said that the inspectors were very professional and nice to deal with, but they did point out that too many people were seated around the bar top and that they were not properly social distancing.   Terri explained to them that most of the folks there had previously been out on the porch but had returned inside once it began to rain.  

Yesterday morning I called the Health Department Specialist who made the visit to clarify and discuss just what the Covid guidelines are as they pertain to Buzzy's.  He advised me that when folks are seated and eating or drinking, masks are optional.  However, when folks are not seated, then they must be wearing masks when entering, leaving or moving about the store.   Couples and family members can sit together, but all others in the Store and on the porch must maintain the 6 foot social distancing.

The inspector also noted that Terri was wearing her mask and that everyone in the store was very pleasant to him and the Deputy.  He noted that he was writing up a report on his visit and findings and that return visits would be conducted to ensure that Buzzy's stayed compliant with the Covid guidelines. I thanked him for his verbal warning to Buzzy's and told him that I would ensure that all Covid guidelines were implemented and enforced accordingly.   

Bottom line - please have your masks on when visiting Buzzy's.  Note that I said please.  I wasn't as polite in the following sign I posted on Buzzy's front door along with the "official" one.   

For some unknown reason, this Warren tune came to mind:

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