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Saturday, August 1, 2020

August Birthdays 2020

Our eighth month of 2020 features the following birthdays and one anniversary to be celebrated in the Buzzy family.  (Regarding the anniversary, I don't know exactly why Jimmy and Mary Lou Cullison's anniversary is the only one that Buzzy ever entered onto his calendar as being noteworthy.  Among the many couples who hung out at the Store with him through all those years, Mary Lou and Jimmy's anniversary is the only one he has recorded on his calendars.) 
Dickie Cullison gets us started off by hitting the big 7-0 today.  My cousin Johnny (JW) Raley celebrates on the 3rd along with Karen Quade, Rita Weaver and Ted Yeatman.  Bobbi Jo Magee on 5 Aug;  my Grandson Stone Ridgell's first birthday on the 8th; my in-laws Stella and Sol Aroesty's wedding anniversary also on the 8th;  Peggy Binzel on the 15th; Lori Raley on the 17th;  Cathy Wright the 20th; Gary Wood the 25th, my son Brady also on the 25th and  Brother-in-law Dan Hofmeister the 26th.  And as noted, on the 29th, Jimmy and Marylou Cullison celebrate their wedding anniversary.   

My Mom will celebrate her 89th birthday on the 21st.  She's been known to make a visit to the Store on her birthday and buy the traditional round in recognition of her special day.  Of course I will never accept her money when she tries to pay and no, I don't put it on her tab either!

In saying goodbye to one of the hottest July's on record, I am reminded of an old flame - literally.  Like the month of July, she too was very hot; and like July, maybe too much so.  While July has its fireworks and fun on the 4th and then several lively parties and events throughout the rest of the month, likewise my hot lady friend was also fun and exciting to be with.   We traveled, we partied, we rocked and rolled and I got to say I had a great time with her both outdoors and indoors if you know what I mean.   She was something!  And as I stated she was hot.

But ultimately, all of her hotness and energy, like the heat in July just plain wore me out.  (And this was back when I still had some mojo in me to be worn out.)  Like that law of thermodynamics where things that are hot always eventually turn cool, we drifted apart and ultimately went our separate ways.  

Throughout the year, a song will play and I'll think of her every now and then.  However, in July with all its hot days and party times, I think of her quite frequently.  I'm usually inside in an air conditioned environment when I do so however.  

The Stones are known primarily for their 3 pillars of sex, drugs and rock n roll.  Little known nor appreciated though is their sense of humor throughout their storied careers.  In life, as well as in their music, they have always been quick to laugh and keep things upbeat and fun.  God knows we need some of that attitude now these days when everything is such a full on battle.  I don't have to tell you whom I attribute that state of affairs to do I?  

But check out one of the Stones funnier videos featuring a very hot actress Anita Morris.   Mick, now 77, celebrated his birthday in July on the 26th.  Ain't that a hot coincidence!?

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