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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Gloria and Pinky

This past Sunday Janaree Nagel hosted a get together at Buzzy's Country Store in memory of her parents Gloria and Pinky who were interred in Arlington last Friday.  This is from her FB page:
Charlie Simms and Pinky were best friends all thru and after their many years of service in the Navy.  Here is a photo I took of Charlie posing Sunday with Janaree and Bonnie Watson: 

It sent me to the files where I also found this 2011 photo I took of Charlie and Pinky at Buzzy's with their wives Dot and Gloria (click here.)

The occasion here was Charlie's 85th birthday celebration at Buzzy's.  Afterwards, the 4 of them went out to dinner.  (For another post I did on what a great guy and good neighbor Pinky was (click here.)

My thanks to Janaree and all who attended Sunday's tribute to Gloria and Pinky.  I was very honored to have hosted it at Buzzy's a place where friends still meet and enjoy each other's company.  Do it while you can.   

Music-wise there are not too many "Pinky" songs out there but I have dropped the tune Gloria on you several times previously.  Here then is a behind-the-scenes explanation discussing the three chords E, A and D that make Gloria and so many other songs so great (click here.)  

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