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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

On Guard at the Bank

I do my Buzzy banking on Mondays and as I do so am always glad to see my friend Fernando standing guard at the entrance to the bank.  These days in addition to his usual guard duties, Fernando serves as a line guard/monitor as the 6 foot distancing rule has pushed folks in line out the doors. 
Fernando and I will always exchange pleasantries and as I do so I always think of my mixed emotions about him being there.  While I am glad to see Fernando and appreciate that he is there to provide protection to the bank's customers like me, I am also somewhat sadden that my little hometown bank in Lexington Park now merits an armed guard stationed there because of how sketchy Lexington Park has become.  

Yesterday, this latter sentiment was brought home to me when I had finished my banking business, had said goodbye to Fernando and was heading out the door.  Usually Fernando will say something about having a blessed day and see you next time, but yesterday he asked me where I was parked.  After I told him that I was parked on the side of the bank he said "Here let me get the door for you and walk out with you."

I said "It's too hot out there.  You don't have to do that."

"I do"  he said "Because we got some losers around here who do foolish things."  

I said ok and now in alert mode, I made my way to my truck looking around cautiously and thinking - boy this is another low - having to worry about getting robbed when leaving my local bank.  (Also, the thought crossed my mind that whereas I have previously been escorted out of places for some not-so-smart decisions on my part, this marked the first time that I had ever been escorted out of a place for a good reason i.e. my own protection.) 

I backed my truck up to leave the bank and as I did so turned to see Fernando still there watching me.  I lowered my window and thanked him.  But as I did so and took the above photo of Fernando, I made a note to self -  'From now on park in front of the bank and avoid all this drama.'

I probably should play Abba's Fernando for you here but I don't particularly care for that one and in fact hate it.  So in thinking about Lexington Park's continued demise,  how about this one, Paul's eulogy to his Little Town:

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