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Monday, July 20, 2020

Masks Required (Continued)

There was a good article in Sunday's Washington Post from a lady, Lori Wagoner, clerking in a North Carolina general store (click here.)  Here is how the article began:

In the rest of the article, Lori proceeded to describe run ins and heated exchanges with folks who simply refused to don a mask when entering her store.  Following  a particularly ugly encounter, Lori described her actions as follows:
In Buzzy's Country Store I have avoided any such confrontations with maskless folks who enter the Store mostly because I'm just not a confrontational kinda guy.  My close Buzzy friends and everydayers all have their masks on when entering the Store and I appreciate that.  It makes me feel a little better when I see that they are doing so.  

On the other hand, every time someone comes in without a mask, even though I have the sign posted on the entry door saying that masks are mandatory, it gives me pause as I debate whether or not to say anything to them.  In the Washington Post article, Lori notes how businesses try to hew to that saying that the customer is always right.  However, in the pandemic environment that we now find ourselves operating in, that logic just does not hold up if the maskless customer who is always right is carrying around something that can kill you.  Hence, masks are now the new normal.  

As other states have already done. Gov. Hogan is threatening to re-close all Maryland bars and restaurants if the virus continues to surge.  Accordingly, and once again, I am asking and requiring that all folks entering Buzzy's Country Store have their masks on.  As noted in the Washington Post article, Lori's store went from asking nicely that folks wear a mask to the article's headline "No mask, no entry" policy.  Fingers crossed that I don't have to do likewise.

After Jackson Browne tested positive for the virus (click here,) here's hoping that everything is uphill for him.

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