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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Masked Icons of Maryland

In an effort to Keep Maryland Open for Business, the Maryland Office of Tourism is working with businesses and others to fight the virus surge by encouraging folks to wear a mask,  To help communicate that message they sent out the following request.  (Good marketeers that they are, the Tourism dudes sure knew how to catch your eye and entice you into reading the rest of the announcement.  "Marilyn" Masked icons, get it?  Guess they could only go so far with this and couldn't really advertise "Keep Marilyn Open.")    

Accordingly, I have submitted the following as an input from Buzzy's Country Store: the iconic Bruno wearing a mask.  Ok, it is nowhere near as eye catching as the one above, but I'm trying to be supportive here!
Speaking of dogs, check out this video and see if you can figure out what the hell it's all about.

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