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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Lazy Sunday

Sundays are what I like to refer to as lazy days.  I think of my Sunday M.O. as one where I try to let the day come to me versus the other way around with all that Carpe Diem crap being too much to contend with.  Sundays are for chillin' and not for dealin'.

All of which is merely an attempted explanation and excusal for me to inform you that I don't really have anything original for you today.  Some Sundays I'll try to gin up something semi-religious that has the potential to just maybe save your soul (or at a minimum at least make you think about trying to save it.)  However, I'm not feeling that vibe today so you'll have to save your sorry soul on your own.)  

Too, I thought about maybe telling you how yesterday at Buzzy's Country Store I had 5 different visits from folks who not only stopped into the Store once but left and then returned later for a second visit.  I thought that that was pretty cool and worth discussing until it dawned on me that a couple of those returnees came back to visit and flirt with my daughter Ryan who took over for me around 5.  So maybe only having 1 or 2 return visits wasn't really all that noteworthy after all.  
(Photo here of Ryan and yours truly was taken by Ned Pratt who had just returned to Buzzy's after he had traded out one of his classic cars for another classic car.)

So whenever I got nothing in the cooler for you I do what I usually do and consult the This Day in History folks.  Doubting that you would want to hear me talk about Geraldine Ferraro being selected as Vice President or Wild Bill Hickok's first gunfight, both of which also occurred on this day in history, I landed on something that I have discussed previously here on the BB and that is/was the Chicago White Sox' Comiskey Park Disco Demolition Riot (click here.)   Just like my return visitors to Buzzy's yesterday, here then is a return appearance of how that story, and disco, went down on 12 July 1979:

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