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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Country Store Poems

Google Country Store Poems and read over them and you will find that most of the entries will involve an extended recitation of the many items found in those "old time places of yore."  A sample follows:

Whenever I scan over poems like this with their listing of items found in a country store, I can and do recall Buzzy actually having most of those items in our store back when he focused more on the non-alcohol side of the business. (OK, the aforementioned side saddle and false hair maybe were not our shelves, but you get my drift.)   

Thus, from the little bit of checking out of the Country-Store-Poetry-genre that I just did, it seemed like most of the poets fell back on the listing of goods found there (click here for another good example of this and note that I still don't know what the hell sorghum is.)

However, I did land on some of the Country Store poems that did not simply list items and goods found there and instead talked about a specific memory or association.  Two samples follow: 

Here too is a nice one by Dennis Bielanski that goes from being a poem about a country store to a love note to/for his partner:
Note #2 - I don't remember Buzzy ever selling any roses either.

Very few of the Country Store Poems I stumbled upon make any mention of what I think is the most defining quality of  a country store and that is the people in the store.   Guess maybe that is something I'll put in my "To Do" file:  write a Country Store Poem about the people in the store.  That way I won't have to worry about listing items found in the store and trying to find a rhyme for turpentine.  Wait a minute, I just did so! 

Leave it to Dave to come up with a funny poem about going into a store:

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