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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Buzzy's Wallet

Believe it or not but I am still sorting thru items that belonged to Buzzy.  For instance, this small billfold wallet was among a box of cuff links, postcards and other personal items that he had saved and stashed away thru the years.  I remember him using this wallet in our travels so he probably only broke it out whenever we took a trip.  He had another wallet which was much bulkier as it contained his driver's license, Medicare card, secondary insurance cards, credit cards etc..  This smaller wallet was his travel wallet and only contained a couple cards and photos as follows.  

It starts with his County Commissioner card dated 1966 and ends for some unexplained reason with his Confederate Air Force membership card.  In between are photos of his 4 children and first two grand kids Ryan and Todd:

Commissioner Card and First Granddaughter Ryan Ridgell

First Grandson Todd Taylor, Stevie and Some Dude With Lots of Hair

Lila and Donna (twice)

          Lila and Confederate Air Corps Card 
Here is a closer look at what the card says:
I'm thinking that Buzzy, being someone who never wanted to waste anything, put that last empty sleeve to good use by inserting his own version of a CAC card.

Nice little wallet tune here for you from Regina Spektor (no relation to Phil) (click here.) 

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