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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Buy Local Challenge

Today marks the start of the week-long Buy Local Challenge a Statewide program that takes place annually during the last full week of July when locally grown products are plentiful.  The Challenge is to support our local farmers by eating, drinking and enjoying their locally produced products  (click here for more info.)    

We have several such venues in the First District starting at the Homegrown Market in Hermanville and continuing down to Melissa's produce stand in Scotland just below Buzzy's Country Store.  Along the way are Sivak's and Paul Tennyson's stands where you can grab some local produce.  

I know that the Buy Local Challenge is focused on farm products but don't forget Kellam's Seafood in Ridge where you can pickup some fresh local seafood.   And down Airedele Road Ethan Davis runs the True Oyster Farm a year round operation selling your favorite bivalves.

At Buzzy's while I don't have any local produce for sale, I can provide you with all the local color and personalities that you can handle.  This may not be as healthful for you as what you will obtain from all these produce stands and markets, but I assure you that it will put a smile on your face and a glide in your stride.  Stop in. 

No rock and roll tunes about produce stands but did land on this short Youtube Kid's video that's worth a look:

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