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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Blood Manor

Yesterday my friend Cheryl Trossbach brought down to Buzzy's Country Store a copy of a 1971 Enterprise that her Mom had saved because Cheryl was one of the actors in the production of Blood Manor.  I have Cheryl's copy at the Store but was also able to track the article down on the web (no pun intended) (click here.)  

Blood Manor was the idea of Ed "Itsi" Atkins.  To read about him and how he came up with Blood Manor check out this Washington Post article on him (click here.)   The article contains several comments following it including this one:
As you read the Enterprise article that Cheryl provided note that on Page 40 of that issue (click here) you will also see the following ad:
Obviously back then Ridge sure had it going on with regards to Halloween.   Talk about hot spots!  The last sentence of the Enterprise's article notes that after visiting Blood Manor "Those in the upper end of the County will be glad that they live so far away."  That may not be the first nor last time a comment like that was ever said about Ridge.

R.I.P Charlie.  If like me you grew tired of hearing about him being famous for that Devil Went Down to Georgia song then listen to something else from him that's more in line with the whole Blood Manor thing.  (Too, here's hoping that the devil didn't get a chance to have a rematch with old Charlie.)

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