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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Twofer Tuesday - Guido and Mark

At dinner last night my father-in-law Sol mentioned taking his son Norman and nephew Brian to see Mark Fidrych pitch in Cleveland.  They lived in Rochester and made the 4 hour drive to watch the Indians play the Detroit Tigers.  Sol said he did it because the boys were big fans of Fidrych and wanted to see him pitch.

He went onto to discuss how he had contacted one of his former Army buddies Guido Salvatori something-or-other to get tickets to the game.  (I'm leaving out Guido's last name because Sol also noted that Guido's family were Cleveland Mafioso's.)  Sol said that Guido not only got them 3 box seat tickets for the game but he also arranged and paid for a hotel room for them to stay in after the game.

When I asked if Sol if he had stayed in contact with Guido, he said that they had talked off and on thru the years but not recently.  My wife Pam then googled Guido's name and found an obit for him.  The obit noted that Guido had been a car dealer but did not mention anything about mob connections.  Sol noted that Guido's dad would not allow Guido to join the "family" business.

While Pam googled Guido (I just like saying that) I wondered whatever became of Mark Fidrych.  I learned that he too was no longer around and that he had died in 2009 at the age of 54 in a freak accident.  He died while working underneath  his dump truck, which was running at the time, and his shirt got tangled up in the drive shaft and asphyxiated him.  A couple years later his wife filed a wrongful death suit against the truck manufacturer but that case was dismissed (click here.)

I remember this 1977 Rolling Stone cover featuring Mark.  He is still the only baseball player ever to have appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone (click here.)  (I know, you're thinking of Dr. Hook right now aren't you?!)

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