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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Teeney Boy - 60 Years Young

Teeney Boy at Work (?) at Buzzy's On His Birthday
Duncan and Teeney Boy were doing some work for me at Buzzy's Country Store this past Thrusday when it dawned on me that it was Teeny Boy's birthday.  After I had wished him a good one,  I apologized for having him work on his birthday given all the previous years that he had lived in one of Buzzys apartments and had celebrated most of his birthdays in various stages of consciousness.  He laughed and told me that it was no big deal.  

Teeney Boy was not aware that Buzzy had passed away on his birthday of 11 June. He did tell me however that he had rented an apartment from Buzzy for 11 years and that 11 must be a good luck number for him. (I pointed out to him that Buzzy was born on the 11th of October so maybe there was something about the number 11 for both of them.)
After a couple hours work, Teeney Boy and Duncan finished doing the construction project that I had asked them to knock out and rolled on. 

Later Thursday afternoon, Teeny Boy rolled back into Buzzy's to buy his birthday round for everyone in the Store. As he did so, he made the comment "Seems just like old times." 

Dylan's new album is titled Rough and Rowdy Ways.  That it came to my mind when talking about Teeney Boy may or may not be a coincidence.  Check out this recent interview with Bob on a number of topics including the following:
And speaking of Van, here's a nice little video of my Grandson Stone enjoying him some Van as his Mom Caitie filmed him doing so:

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