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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Oberammergau Pt. 2 (To Go or Not To Go)

Maybe Buzzy and the Gods-that-be really are trying to direct me about going to this:

Back in 2010 I did a post about how Buzzy in 2000 wanted us to attend this event.  I begged off on going and thus, every time that I now see something about the event I feel a little guilty that I told him no. 

Thus, when I first saw blurbs about the 2020 event last year (pre-covid of course) I thought about possibly going.  Like Buzzy noted back in 2000, my rationale was that I better go now because I either won't be around for the 2030 show or I won't be in any shape to make such a trip if I am still on this side of the Earth.   I thought that if I ever was to go to see Oberammergau, in the words of the King - it's now or never. 

Ultimately my decision was made moot when my trusted travel agent did to me what I did to Buzzy in 2000, and said no she was not interested in going. (There really is something to that karma thing you know.  I'd quote the popular "Karma is a bitch" but don't want you to think that I'm talking about my travel agent here.)

So, I filed my going to Oberammergau away in what I call my good-intentions-bad-execution file which, like me, is getting fatter every day.  I didn't really think anymore about it until just now when the above 2022 notice popped up in my internet travels.  

All of a sudden the possibilty of going is back and bobbing around like a red flag before me saying "I'm not letting you off the hook Ridge boy. You gotta do it."  I'll have to think about and have it guilt me some more I guess. And since I mentioned it - here is Elvis' best selling single that sold over 25 million copies worldwide. I bet someone in Oberammergau has a copy or two of it lying around somewhere. 

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