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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Musings

My mention of June Lockhart the other day got me thinking about other famous people with the first name June.  Try for yourself and see if you can come up with any.  Tough isn't it?

P.S.  For those of you of a certain age like me, June Cleaver doesn't really count because the actress who played her was actually named Barbara as in Billingsley (click here.)
But my first thought today was to write something about how in retrospect this particular June has been a crazy, rock and roll, bipolar kinda month.  With June's predominant sign being Gemini, the twin, maybe that factored into the mix somewhere too.  Who knows?

June began quietly enough for me as Buzzy's Country Store was still in lock down mode due to the virus restrictions.   I didn't really mind the down time though and looking back appreciate it even more now that things have spooled back up. 

Once the ban was lifted mid-month and Buzzy's reopened, things got very hectic very quickly.  After having been cooped up for so long, people were anxious to get out and move around.  Pt. Lookout State Park has been at full capacity the last couple of weekends.  All in all business has been fairly good.  But it has been a churn to ramp back up from being completely closed to being very busy.  Usually, the Buzzy seasonal transitions are more gradual.  Zero to ninety only works at a drag strip.

On top of all that, the whole virus-related mask wearing, social distancing thing has been an issue for all businesses to deal with.  It has been an even bigger source of concern for bars and restaurants because it's tough for folks to eat and/or drink while wearing a mask. Business owners tasked to enforce such regulations are having to walk a fine line of safety enforcement and giving people their space.  Personally, while I don't like enforcing such rules, I do appreciate it when folks entering Buzzy's have their masks on.   

Bottom line though, I'm kinda glad to be saying Goodbye June.  I may need a trip somewhere soon though.

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