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Friday, June 12, 2020

Hey Cliff, Tell 'Em to Come Back This Weekend

Last week I received a message from my friend Cliff Montgomery asking if Buzzy's would be open for the weekend.  He had a bunch of his firemen buddies coming down and they all enjoy visiting Buzzy's.  I had to inform Cliff that the Buzzy boat was still docked awaiting Gov. Hogan's ok for bars to resume inside service.

Well, that didn't stop Cliff and his pals from swinging by Buzzy's last Friday and sending me this photo of them posing in front of the Store.  Hopefully, that's the last photo of Buzzy's being closed on a Friday in June. 

Hogan announced that this past Wednesday that bars and restaurants could resume inside service effective today at 5 pm.  Yesterday I was working around the Store getting things ready to re-open when in walked these two masked men.  My first thought was - isn't it funny that as a business owner you are now actually glad to see someone entering your place with a mask on.
LP and Jack

And on the subject of wearing a mask in Buzzy's - it is mandatory.  Not by me because I don't like wearing one either.  However, because it is part of Hogan's stipulations of re-opening,  I am asking that folks wear one when they come inside Buzzy's.  Please have your mask on when you come into the Store.  If that's a problem then don't come in and someone can bring your beer or drink out to you.  

If folks continue coming into the Store without the mask and this gets to be a problem, I will simply re-close Buzzy's.  Cliff and his buddies won't like that.  Help me keep them happy so they won't be sending me any more WTF photos about not being opened.


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