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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Think I may have finally gotten the comment feature figured out here on the Buzzyblog.  I know, it's only taken me several years to do so.  But full disclosure here - one of the reasons that I have not more actively pursued figuring out why your comments weren't appearing is that I didn't particularly want to be the moderator for them.  Blogger gives you a couple comment options where you can either allow any and all comments without approving them or you can moderate/approve each one.  Problem with allowing any and all comments without any approval process in place is that  you get spammed with crap like this:
(I think it was the "I had been tiny bit acquainted" explanation that turned me off.)

So I have opted for the approval option where I will review every comment and decide whether or not to publish it.  However, I am still not too keen on being put in a position where it becomes a hassle to decide what to and what not to allow.  Masssey on her You Know You're From St. Mary's FB site, has run into these sorts of issues and from her experiences I want no parts of it.  

Thus, starting today I am going to conduct a little comments test run.  If you would like to comment here on the Buzzyblog feel free to do so.  I will see how it goes.  If the effort becomes more trouble than it is worth, I will go back to the "no comment" policy.  

Caught the movie Jazz on a Summers Day filmed in 1958 at the Newport Jazz Festival.  It featured several musical greats such as Louie Armstrong, Theolonius Monk, Dinah Washington and even Chuck Berry.  But the one performance that really got my attention was the following by Anita O'Day.  One of the movie reviewers had this to say about Anita and her performance:
Anita O'Day's turn,rather like the Duke's in 1956,totally revitalised her career.With an outrageous hat and a skintight dress(and pretty - well stoned as she later cheerfully admitted)she tears up "Tea for Two" leaving both the audience and herself breathless.It is a performance of such daring that it can only have been attained after much rehearsal despite its artful air of spontaneity.I doubt if she ever bettered it.

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