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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Buzzy's T-Shirts - Worth the Wait

Got thrown out of the Coffee Club.  I turned up wearing a tea shirt.

Amy from Chesapeake Custom Embroidery (CCE) called me yesterday to inform me that my Buzzy's t-shirt order is ready for pickup.  I thanked her and told her that I would swing by and pick them up.

This marked the longest period of time that I have waited between placing a t-shirt order with CCE and picking it up.   I had dropped into their shop on Friday 13 March to place my order which totaled over $1,000.  I had estimated that the total would be around several hundred dollars but was not expecting 4 figures.  When they asked for a half deposit, the Buzzy in me kicked in and I told them I would be by the following week to pay them.

However, on that following Monday the 16th, Gov. Hogan issued his order closing down all on-premise bars.  Knowing that this was going to impact me big time, I immediately called Amy back to cancel my order or to at least put it on hold.  She informed me that because she knew me and knew that I was good for the deposit, she had told her folks on Friday to go ahead and start on my order.  Hence, I was too late to cancel it.  

I laughed and told Amy that I would pony up the deposit but please slow roll my order because I didn't plan on picking it up until I was back in business.  She agreed and thus it's now been close to three months.  (In fact, it was me who called them last week checking in to see how my order was coming.)  

My thanks to Amy, Annie and all the folks at CCE for being patient and good enough to hold off filling my t-shirt order until now.   What's that saying about all good things come to those who wait?   

All of which is just a round about way of me informing you that I will have a bunch of Buzzy's t-shirts on hand for you to check out.  

Speaking of which, check out Dierks' t-shirt misdoings.  Maybe he too should have waited.

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