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Friday, June 26, 2020

Twofer Friday (Or Maybe That Should Have Been Thursday)

As I was travelling down the road to Buzzy's Country Store yesterday the dee jay on the radio station I was listening to announced that it was the birthdays of June Lockhart (95) and Carly Simon (75.)
As I continued driving thru St. James and Dameron, I thought about June and Carly hitting those milestones or to put it more bluntly about them being that old. 

First off,  I really couldn't believe that June Lockhart was still around.  I remembered her as Timmy's Mom in Lassie.  However, I had forgotten that she also appeared in starring roles in several other T-V shows as follows (click here.)  

June being that old was one thing, but it was Carly turning 75 that really gave me pause.  I'd like to think that it had to do with my having read her Boys in the Trees Memoir  not too long ago.  That book made me dig out her greatest hits CD and re-listen to what she had to say and sing.  I never realized how much I liked and appreciated her stuff until then.  

Of course, in that memoir Carly also trotted out her various tangles with all of her lovers along the way so my lasting impression of her was that as some sort of sexual, rock and roll, hot pants priestess.  Bottom line, one doesn't think of women like that ever turning 75 years old.

As I drove thru Ridge it occurred to me that maybe Carly turning 75 also served as an early wake up call to me that I too will be hitting my 70's come next February.  Ultimately, I rationalized that Carly turning 75 was really not so hard for me to process since I'm not that far behind her.  Hopefully, I'll make it to 75!  Anticipation right?

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