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Friday, May 22, 2020

You Might Be a Redneck - It's Alight!

Yesterday I was at the Store doing some chores when I  noticed that the You Might Be a Redneck calendar had not been updated since Buzzy's was last opened in March.  I tore off all of the ensuing dates and read the entries before I chucked them.  Couple of them however made me smile and I've included them here:

Couple of those made me ponder "Who hasn't done that?!"  I'll leave it to you to try and figure which ones hit me that way.  But here are some clues to assist you - I am not a hunter nor a fisherman but I do like honey buns and I do go to lunch a lot.  (I also spend a lot of time in bathroom stalls; but these days I am not doing any sleeping when I'm in there!) 

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