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Monday, May 11, 2020

Top Ten Photos

Windows 10 has a nice feature in its photos' bin where they automatically identify and sort your uploaded photos of folks you have multiple photos of.  

Thus, when I went looking for a photo of my Mom for yesterday's Mother's Day post, I learned that she is my number one person and rightfully so.  Here were my most often subjects.
For the record,  my wife Pam, daughter Ryan and Grandson Shawn were also in my top 10 tied with 16 photos each.  (As to why Buzzy himself doesn't appear in my Top Ten, I bought this particular PC after he had passed in 2009.  The photo's uploaded here were all taken post 2009.)

One of the by products of having time on my hands is that maybe now I'll figure out how to upload and co-locate all of my photos in one place.  Key word here is maybe because that particular chore has been on my to do list for many a year.  

At dinner the other night after I had asked Alexa to play some Kenny G, I smiled when this was the very first tune she served up.  And now that I think about it, this song always makes me smile.  Video is pretty good too.

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