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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"The American Dream - You Have to be Asleep to Believe It"

Been tooling thru George Carlin videos and came upon his classic take on germs and how our immune systems are so bad (click here).  This particular video is making the social media rounds today due to the coronavirus-related crap that we find ourselves contending with.  Seems that many of the "this virus is all bullshit" crowd are citing George as some kind of a prophet and are using his germ-comments to prove their contention.  

All of which makes me wonder and seriously doubt that if George was around today that he would go along with this referencing him as such.  I got to think that the following 2005 rant would be more aligned to how he views things going on today.  (Be sure to check out all those tombstones in the background as part of his set.  Now that was prophetic.) 

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