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Monday, May 18, 2020

Guidelines for Bars and Restaurants

FYI here are the CDC guidelines for reopening of bars and restaurants.  It outlines a series of steps that should be taken to keep employees and customers safe. (If you have trouble reading it click here and it will take you to a clearer version on the CDC website.)   
In addition to these guidelines, other regulations as determined by the State and our County governments will be in place.  So stay tuned.

On top of all that, there is also the issue of business owners' insurance liability as related to the virus (click here.)  There is currently a lot of legal uncertainty  about just what the business owner is or is not responsible for.   Given that lawsuits are always something of a fear or a concern for small business owners, in these crazy times it's just one more worry made worse by the presence of the virus.   

All of which just reinforces my decision to not reopen Buzzy's just yet.

Music-wise, a Happy Birthday to George Strait who turns 68 today.  Did you  know that he and Jeff Bezos are cousins?  Wonder if George gets any discounts on things he buys off of Amazon.

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