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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Yesterday being Memorial Day I had planned to post the following about my 2 closest veterans who are no longer here with us.  However, when I visited their grave sites the other day, both of their military service footstones were partially covered over in grass.  Thus, I had to make a return visit to St. Michael's cemetery to do some maintenance.  (The VA furnishes at no charge not only these footstones for vets but will also provide headstones and markers if asked to do so (click here.))

Brother Steve has been on my mind here of late also because he died on 23 May 2011.  Nine years and still can't believe he's not here.  Time does go by.

Re-watched Casablanca the other night on TCM.  Always thought that As Time Goes By was written just for that movie but turns out it had been recorded 11 years previously (click here.)  Dooley Wilson however made it famous when he performed it in the movie.  (For the rest of the story on how the song's writer composed it in a New Jersey bar (click here.)

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