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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Buzzy's Still Closed

Yesterday I had several inquiries from folks asking if Buzzy's would be reopening iaw Governor Hogan's Stage 1 lifting of his lock down restrictions.  Officially, I could reopen.  However, I have decided to hold off doing so until Gov. Hogan lifts further restrictions and allows all bars to reopen.   

Remember that technically Buzzy's is a country store and not a bar and that is why I could still be open.  However, for this crazy time that we find ourselves living in, I am regarding and treating Buzzy's as a bar that will remain closed for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost are my concerns for everyone's health and safety.  This involves my concerns not only for the folks coming into Buzzy's but also for the folks who work behind the counter - me for instance.  

Second reason I am holding off re-opening is that I don't particularly look forward to having to enforce all the mask wearing, social distancing, 50% capacity rules that business owners are now required to have in place.  I am 100% in favor of all those requirements being in place.  However, while I think that they are all very necessary, I still do not want to be the enforcer of such rules.  I just can't see confronting some idiot, I mean person who wanders into Buzzy's not wearing a mask and then I got to ask him/her to leave.   (And furthermore, I still don't know how the whole wearing a mask while drinking in a bar is going to work.)    

So while I appreciate and thank all you folks for wanting Buzzy's to be back open, I am going to hold off doing so a little bit longer.    See you in a few whatever - days, weeks, months.

This Dave Mason tune never fails to reorient my thoughts whenever they need to be reoriented:

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