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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Price May Not Be Right

The other day I ran into a buddy of mine I hadn't seen in awhile and told him to come down for the Buzzy Car Show on Sunday the 13th.  He laughed and said that he would like to but on that day he and his wife are taking her father up to the National Harbor to attend The Price is Right event.

I asked if he was serious and he replied "Hell yeah, her old man is ate up with watching the Price is Right.  So here I am not only spending good money on tickets to go there but also wasting a whole day taking the ole boy up to see it."  I laughed and simply said "Come on down!"

It wasn't that I did not believe my friend but just for the hell of it I hit that www machine and found the following:
And just what is the going price for the tickets?
Granted this is a last minute, Stub Hub purchase price.  But here's hoping that my friend  didn't drop $100 per ticket to catch this event when he could have been at the Buzzy Car Show for free!

Check out this video from February of this year.  Didn't know KISS was still around.  Then again I didn't even know that The Price is Right was still around!

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