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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Spiritual Sunday - Close to the Water

In the 50's, growing up at Buzzy's Country Store my brother Stevie and I broke the code when we very young that if we hung around the Store then Buzzy was going to put us to work.  To escape, we would hike the short distance through McCoys' woods and fields to make our way down to the Potomac River where we would play and swim our days away. 

In the 60's, we all moved to Curley Road and a new house built on Calvert Creek.  The Potomac was visibly nearby and connected to the creek by a narrow inlet.

In the 70's, as a married man and a father I moved to Piney Point on the shores of the Potomac where I live today.  Thus, for a great majority of my 68+ years trucking along life's highways,  I have lived either on or close to the water.

Some very nice thoughts then here in this poem by Don Kimball from his book Driftwood: Prayers for Beached Travellers.

Close to the Water

Water has always been
  a symbol of fascination to us,
     a mirror reflecting our lives,
        our practiced expressions
        our occasional personality pimples,
            rising from our self-images
            like pink towers
            in our desert of fears.

  in approaching water,
     we come to rest
         at the center of ourselves.

We learn to relax,
  and borrow a cup of liquid calm,
     allowing our preoccupations and fears
         to descend from our focus
             like bill collectors
             a spiral bannister.

It's here that we not only find our own center,
   musty at first,
       like an attic heavy with old memories,
   but gradually fragrant,
       like the scents and sounds of stories 
           waiting to be told to non-believers.

Then like an old dog,
    listening with his nose in the dust,
       we find the presence of God. 

Maybe that's why Jesus was so close to the water,
  walking around and upon it,
   calling us out of our boat of safety
   to walk on it with Him.

As we walk and talk,
  we day-trip to the center of ourselves
      and enter the mission of God-Within
          to share a piece of wordless friendship.

If we're going to learn the secrets of this God
  who enjoys teaching almost as much as loving,
     we need to remain
        close to the water.

Jackson knew exactly what Kimball was trying to relate when he wrote this song.  Linda took it to the heavens with her version plus the cover photo and the others of her are worth a look.  

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