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Friday, October 4, 2019

CWS Friday Redux

I am now taking my Grandson Shawn to high school, so I can re-start my Buzzyblog feature CWS Friday.   (CWS = Conversations With Shawn.)

I did this a number of years ago when Shawn and his sister Lily lived close by and would come by my house each morning prior to catching the bus.  I would then relay various jokes and things that they said as they ate breakfast and chatted about life in general.  

Now, several years later I am pleased to once again be having such conversations with my grandkids and see the world through their perspective as they try to figure things out. 

Shawn and I were talking politics the other day and he noted that his Dad had discussed the differences between the two political parties.  Shawn relayed how his Dad had told him about a little girl who wanted to be President and her parents used a cutting-the-grass story to determine what political party she would be a member of.  Shawn laughed as he told me the story and noted that he thought the Republicans were right on.

Next day I called Shawn's Dad Shea and asked him about this exchange.  He said it was something that he had seen  on Facebook. I told him that it had impressed Shawn enough for him to have told me about it.

After my call to Shea, I hit the internet search button and found the item Shea mentioned from this website (click here.)
The website also contained the Democrats' version of the story.  
I can't wait to tell Shawn about this version of the story.

I guess because the above involved discussions about the haves and have nots, the George Benson opening line of this tune popped into my head:

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