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Monday, September 23, 2019

Weather or Not

Buzzy liked to travel in October because it met his 3 criteria of lower prices, kids back in school and the weather is nicer.  (That his birthday fell on 10 October also caused him to say "I'm outta here.  That way I don't have to buy a round at the Store for my birthday.")

While spending the last two weeks in England and Scotland we had excellent weather.  I was prepared for it to be cold and rainy with umbrella, parka and poncho stashed away in my backpack (which over there they call a rucksack but that's a subject for another day.)

However, as prepared as I was to be uncomfortable bouncing around in some shitty conditions,  the weather was perfect.  Even our tour guide commented how lucky we were to have enjoyed such good weather.  She also noted that thru the years their fall seasons had gotten much nicer in general and specifically very beneficial for the travel/tourism industry.

And then when we landed in Dulles yesterday, our pilot informed us that the local temperature was 90 degrees.  Didn't need the parka here either.

All of this seemed to be summed up in my cross Atlantic reading material The Economist.  I only buy 
and read it when doing a long flight because a) at $8 an issue it is expensive (the Buzzy in me) and b) it takes me several hours to plow through a single issue of it.  (Years ago I bought Buzzy a  subscription to it and ultimately he begged off telling me to stop the subscription because he didn't have the time to read it all.  Keep in mind that reading the paper was about the only hobby he had while sitting in the Store every day for 50+ years.)

This particular issue dealt with climate change which seems to be a less controversial way of saying global warming.  NASA even has a website named climate change (click here.)

I won't bore you with anything more specific about this subject, other than relay a President Trump proposed solution to the problem.  I think this is or was a joke but can't be too sure.  Scary that I'm not sure right?  But IQ45 supposedly noted "We can solve this whole climate business by simply changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius and that will lower temperatures dramatically."  Cool idea wouldn't you say?  The Donald strikes again.

In my lead up to visiting Scotland I tried to feature songs by Scottish rock and rollers but neglected to mention The Procaimers.  They had this hit song which VH1 ranked at #51 in its list of greatest one hit wonders.  (Note that another Scottish band Big Country with their In a Big Country that I did mention recently was ranked #40 on this list.)

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