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Sunday, September 29, 2019

St. Andrew(s)

Concluding my review of my tour of Scotland, let's go to St. Andrews where I visited only for a couple of hours but wish that I could have stayed there longer.  Great place, a college town with lots of energy, yet very laid back and easy going, St. Andrews is a wonderful place.

It is located in the central eastern portion of Scotland.  If you imagine the map of Scotland as resembling Donald Trump with his hair flying and mouth wide open, then St. Andrews is situated on top of his mouth:
St. Andrews of course (no pun here) is most famous for being the birthplace of golf.  (Our tour guide did note that there were some accounts of golf having been originated by the Dutch (click here.)  However, she noted that those accounts are generally overlooked.

St. Andrews was named after the Apostle Andrew who along with his brother Peter were the first two apostles.  Some accounts note that Andrew was initially a follower of John the Baptist and then became Jesus's first apostle and then introduced his brother to Jesus.  St. Andrew died a martyr as he was crucified.  At his request, he was crucified on an X shaped cross because he felt unworthy to be crucified on the same type cross that Christ had been crucified on.  

The X shaped cross has since come to be known as the St. Andrews cross and is represented on the flag of Scotland.

Great tune here from Andrew Gold who is most famous for Thank You For Being a Friend (another great tune until the Golden Girls ruined it.)  Check out the kick ass guitar solo (at 2:00 mark) by Waddy Wachtel


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