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Monday, September 9, 2019

Scotland Bound

I think I can safely say that I am the only non-resident of Scotland, Maryland who goes there every single day of the week.  Even the mail delivery/UPS personnel who make their daily rounds to and thru Scotland, get a day or two off each week.

I mention all this because starting tomorrow the Scotland I will be travelling to is the other Scotland, the one "over there."    Pam has booked us a tour of Scotland UK versus Scotland, Maryland.    

Having grown up in Scotland, Maryland and now owning Buzzy's Country Store in its downtown, guess that I should go over there and check our namesake out.   How Scotland, Md. got its name is explained as follows:

While I'm off on my roots tour, t
hanks to the wonders of Blogger I have some posts for you queued up in the Buzzy pipeline so keep coming back.  Lord willing, I will too in a couple weeks providing that Loch Ness bubba doesn't get me first.

Big Country was one of the bigger Scottish bands back in the day.  Sadly, their lead singer Steuart  Adamson committed suicide in 2001.  (Sure makes the lyrics in the following video (1:03) sound ominously prophetic -  "You can't stay here when your every single hope you had shattered.")  Aside from that bleak assessment though it's still a rather upbeat kinda tune.

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