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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Really Fatal Day

As a followup to yesterday's Twofer about being tempted "by the fruit of another," today marks a special day in the history of adultery.   It was on this date in 1987 that the movie Fatal Attraction premiered (click here.)  Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, it remains probably the most famous movie about why dudes should never ever be unfaithful to their wives.

If you have seen the movie you know that it ends with the dude's wife shooting his would-be mistress.  (I recall one critic at the time commenting "The wife should have shot the husband.")

Here is a bit of trivia that you may not have known.  The original ending of the movie had the Glenn Close mistress character killing herself and with the husband, Michael Douglas' finger prints on the knife, it looked like he had killed her and hence would be imprisoned for her death.

However, when the movie was test run for viewing by audiences before its official release, the audiences hated that ending so much that the movie producers decided to re-film the ending.  Suicide wasn't good enough, as the audiences wanted to see the mistress kill-killed.  So the movie's ending was re filmed to have the husband's wife killing the mistress.  As discussed here in this video, Close was not too happy that the original ending was scraped (click here.)

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